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Production of security posts

It’s not the first year that most large and not too large enterprises, office complexes, closed areas have been accoming specialised security posts. The leadership of most of these organisations rightly considers such a security measure justified, and moreover, useful and effective. Often the safety of the company’s property and, in some cases, personal safety of personnel, directly depends on this facility.

As a rule, specially equipped cabins are used as a security post. Metal structures are recognised as one of the most reliable posts. Security posts are built using the technology of manufacturing standard metal cabins. As a basis, a rigid steel frame is used, created from a bent corner and a bent channel, the outer part of which is finished with profiled sheets, primed and painted metal. Inside, the structure is waterproofed with PVC film and insulated with mineral wool. OSP, MDF, lining or other materials may be used for interior decoration of such a structure. The posts are equipped with double-layer insulated floors, and metal is used as a rough floor. The ready security post is equipped with everything necessary. Including the installation of windows and doorways, electrical wiring and other necessary communications. We are ready to offer any layout of the structure.


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