Astana, Koktal-1 microdistrict, 12 Bolashak St.


Temir Astana LLP is one of the leading manufacturers of metal structures in Kazakhstan. Our company is developing rapidly and currently occupies a strong leadership position in a specific market, both in the capital and in the regions. Modern high-tech production base, qualified personnel, as well as impressive experience of specialists at all links of the production chain allowed us to ensure the production of a wide range of products of the highest quality. We are proud of the feedback from customers and partners, which are the best advertising of our company’s products.

We offer a wide range of metal products, as well as metal structures for various purposes.

Thanks to the talent of our engineers, the client can be sure that his order will be fulfilled to the nearest micron as soon as possible. When designing and manufacturing, all the wishes of the customer, the smallest details and nuances will be taken into account. The main advantages of our attitude to business are:

  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Ensuring quality that meets international and domestic standards.
  • The most accurate execution of the order.
  • Taking care of saving customers’ time and money.
  • High level of service.

We are a company that works effectively in the Kazakhstan sector. Thanks to the high quality of products, well-equipped production and production of large volumes, during our short existence we have significantly strengthened our position and become one of the leaders in the national market of metal structures.

The main priority of the company is the continuous improvement of the technological process in order to improve quality and reduce cost. This approach could not but affect prices, and therefore demand. It was the optimization of the price-quality combination that ensured the rapid development and high popularity of our products in the Kazakhstan market. In addition, we pay great attention to the accuracy of the order and an individual approach to each client. Our defect prevention and quality control system allows you to identify even the smallest defects.

The staff is a matter of special pride for us. We managed to gather a close-knit team of real professionals. Each of our employees is an excellent specialist in their field, has the appropriate qualifications and tremendous experience.


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