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Manufacturing and construction company

Production of children's playgrounds

Since 2010, we have been manufacturing and installing children’s outdoor play equipment. More than 1,500 positions.

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yards have been improved by our company


people are satisfied
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We have our own production
Made in Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

We select high-quality material for each playground, which eliminates toxicity.


We deliver the equipment by our own transport, so we guarantee 100% safety of products during transportation.


After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, we provide warranty and post-warranty service.

Our products
«Tompi Balapan»
Game complexes
in national style

Tompi Balapan – children’s play complexes of this direction are made in the national style with Kazakh ornaments, with recognizable elements of the sights of our cities, which contributes to the patriotic education of your children from an early age. You can choose the elements that will decorate your complex related to your city, village, etc. This line is designed for all ages.

«Tompi Forest»
Street children's complexes

Produced by unique American technology from the best varieties of natural wood, children’s playgrounds “Tompy” will become an integral part of your adjoining territory, where children can spend an active part of their time for the benefit of their physical development, as thanks to their sports elements such as “climbing wall”, “robes”, “turnbows”, “Children’s playgrounds “Tompi” can consist of one tower, so of a whole complex of towers connected by gymnastic elements, and simple transitions.

«Tompi Home»
Home children's complexes

Tompi Home – this line of complexes allows your children to stay active even while sitting at home. With the onset of bad weather, life on the street freezes, rain, snow, blizzard does not always allow our children to enjoy outdoor activities, and energy whips over the edge, then chairs, tables, a recently purchased wall are involved in the game, in general, everything that children’s imagination can build a “house”, “shill” or “cozy corner The above interior items do not always leave the game without loss

“Tompi HOME” successfully solves this problem. Equipping gymnastic elements, secret rooms and many other “buns” for children allows you to brighten up the home leisure of your children, both with the family and with the noisy company that came to visit you. Children’s playgrounds “Tompi” can consist of one tower, as well as a whole complex of towers, connected by gymnastic elements, and

Advantages of Tompi playgrounds
Made in Kazakhstan
High quality and security security

Our products are known for their high quality standard and strict safety standards, providing children with a reliable and protected gaming environment.

Unique design and functionality

Tompi playgrounds are distinguished by unique and innovative designs, providing a variety of play and sports opportunities that contribute to the development of children.

Durability and reliability of the

Our sites are made of strong and durable materials, ensuring long service life and minimal maintenance costs, which makes them an excellent investment for customers.