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Production of block containers

Block containers is a multidisciplinary mobile building.

Today, block containers have found the widest application in construction, industry and cargo transportation. They can be used at construction sites and production facilities to accommodate a variety of equipment, for example:

  • diesel generators;
  • compressor stations;
  • pumping stations;
  • boiler houses;
  • workshops.

In addition, there are many other uses. One of them is the use of the container as a metal cabin for temporary residence of people, for example, on a construction site. They are also easy to use as workshops, warehouses and commercial tents.

Features of our container block:

  • are made of metal, the basis of the structure is a metal frame formed from welded longitudinal and transverse beams, as well as racks. The frame is covered with a metal profile and insulated with special non-combustible materials;
  • are a rectangular frame made of cold-formed metal profiles, which are connected by welding, the flat roof of the containers is made of a metal sheet. Multi-layered floors and walls of such containers, made using special insulation, have excellent thermal insulation characteristics;
  • if necessary, we can equip the block containers with windows and doors, equip them with lighting fixtures and electrical wiring. At the request of the customer, air conditioners, electric heating, ventilation devices can be included in the equipment.
  • can be equipped with sewer and water pipes that are fully compatible with fixed communication networks.


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