Astana, Koktal-1 microdistrict, 12 Bolashak St.

The construction of two hangars has been completed

  • At the moment, work is underway on the construction of three hangars in Astana in the area of the former meat processing plant.
  • Our company has put into production pavilions for various purposes. Pavilions, kiosks are used in different directions, for baking fast food (doner, sandwich, hamburger), selling flowers, selling fruits and vegetables, etc. And for this, an individual approach to each order. The sizes of pavilions can be different, starting from dimensions 23 and more. Also, our pavilions fit perfectly into the urban interior. In production, we try to ensure that your order meets all the requirements for which it will be used.


Our works

Билборд на воинской части

Мусорные контейнеры

Благоустройство дворов

Благоустройство дворов г.Астаны

Детские сады

Детские сады

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