Astana, Koktal-1 microdistrict, 12 Bolashak St.

Block container at the largest gold deposit in the country

Raigorodok is one of the largest gold monofields in Kazakhstan, located in Burabay and Bulandy districts of Akmola region.

In 2022, Temir Astana LLP implemented a project to create a residential town from block containers. Block containers have been carefully designed and adapted to provide workers with all the necessary amenities. Inside each container there are showers, comfortable beds, dining rooms, bathrooms and office premises. Thus, the workers received all the conditions for a comfortable stay and work right at the place of gold mining.

One of the main advantages of this project is the speed of installation and dismantling of block containers. All modules are manufactured in advance in specialized production and can be easily transported to the construction site. This approach saves a significant amount of time and effort on the construction of traditional residential premises.

In addition, block containers have high mobility, which makes it possible to rebuild the residential town in accordance with changing needs and the scale of work in the field. This flexible solution allows the company to quickly adapt to changing conditions and effectively use existing resources.


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